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Rendering, or “3D VIZ,” is the generation of photo-realistic images before the design is manufactured. Our commitment to ‘digital craft’ involves a constant effort to stay on top of the latest digital 3D technologies.

Clients use our 3D VIZ services to quickly and efficiently explore new product lines or extensions. These images are then shown to focus groups, retail buyers, marketing & ad agencies, or other parties for input and feedback.

All this can take place before a single prototype is is built or years before anything is manufactured.



A picture is worth a thousand words. If animation has thousands of pictures, it must be worth a million words. Simple math.

An animation is a powerful tool to communicate an idea, especially if there are features or functions that move or make noise.  Concepts that benefit from a rendering will be even more dynamic and convincing with an animated presentation.

This video was designed, modeled, rendered, animated, and edited by SchultzeWORKS.
It has been seen by over 100,000 viewers.


If you need fabrication of our design or your design, we can make it. Our team of talented fabricators can and have made just about anything.

The use of prototypes can test and verify design solutions long before tooling and manufacturing.

For small projects, we handle the prototypes with out in-house equipment and shop. For larger work, we have a network of trusted vendors who can perform minor miracles.

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