Design Services

Our team has designed products that have won design awards, sold in the millions, and made the sun shine a little brighter. Plus, we are flexible! We can work on any one -- or more -- of the project phases below.

Design Projects Portfolio
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Research starts by working with the client to create and clarify project objectives. We analyzes the project goals and study competing products in the same or similar categories.

It’s a powerful aid to understand the potential of the target user and market. This analysis often reveals amazing opportunities that the competition never thought of.

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  • usability matrix
  • mood board / style guide
  • ‍competitive benchmarking
  • qualitative research
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Design / Ideation

Ideation is used to improve the aesthetics, ergonomics, and usability of a product, but it’s also used to improve a product’s marketability and production. It's a mixture that is very open-ended.

Each project, client, and target market demands a unique and creative solution.


  • ideation
  • concept development
  • 3D modeling & rendering
  • prototyping
  • manufacturing interface
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Strategy is the integration of design & technology with a client’s business goals. Design strategy is used as early as possible in the process of developing new products and connects the design efforts to the client’s business goals.

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  • line review
  • market studies
  • technology analysis
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Innovation is the creation of more effective products, technologies, or ideas. At SchultzeWORKS designstudio, innovative designs transcend their individual categories and make an emotional connection through beauty, surprise, and humor.


  • consumer electronics
  • educational products
  • housewares
  • furniture
  • lighting
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