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Tabletop 3D Strategy Game and System

Innovation: Gridopolis is an innovative tabletop strategy game where players (ages 8 and up) use simple parts to build and play games. With familiar rules from checkers, chess and tic-tac-toe, it's fast and easy to learn. Just move, jump, capture, and win!

No two games are the same. Gridopolis features three-dimensional tabletop gameplay that changes during play. Gameplay is open-ended so you can modify the layout while you play! Just 'add-a-pad' to grow the gridset or play the 'blocker-box' to shrink the gridset.

Social play and screen-free. Play and design strategy games without screens or batteries. Gridopolis promotes social interaction and collaboration through classic fun.

Education focused: Children learn best when engaged in fun, brain-building activities. Gridopolis teaches core STEAM skills such as 3D visualization, critical thinking, logic, and creativity.

How it works: Players use simple components to build multi-level boards and play a variety of unique strategy games. Start with pads, posts and links to build your three dimensional grid-set. These form your playing arena. Then, use nodes to modify any pad's function. Finally, use markers to move around the gridset, capture opponents, and score points.Gridopolis is fast and easy to learn. Rules are based on classic games like checkers, chess, and tic-tac-toe.

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