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Copycat Smackdown!

The two people who created unauthorized 3D models of our Philco PC design, and then offered them for sale online, have had their infringing models removed for sale to the public. What was originally a rude surprise turned out to be a great experience — thanks to the advice and guidance of the awesome staff of TurboSquid. It’s one of the very best sites on the internet for 3D content and, as long-time customer, this turn of events makes us like them even more.

They took our original inquiry very seriously and then guided us through the process of generating a DMCA [Digital Millenium Copyright Act] Takedown Notice. This is essentially a single page legal document that summarizes the facts of your original work, contact information, and the web address of the infringing copycats. Amazingly enough, the work was removed the very next day after receipt of our notice.


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