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Black Light Illuminator | December 2015

The ‘Black Light Illuminator’ has been nominated for the prestigious ‘Toy of the Year’ honor by the TIA (Toy Industry Association) jury. This design is SchultzeWORKS’ third Toy of the Year nomination in the last four years.

Mobilenza | September 2015

SchultzeWORKS designstudios has unveiled a new ‘retro-fresh’ furniture line called ‘Mobilenza,’ a modular and expandable system of three separate pieces.

Kinsa 704
Kinsa Smart Thermometer | June 2013

SchultzeWORKS designstudio and Kinsa, Inc are proud to announce the Kinsa Smart Thermometer, a revolutionary smart-phone enhanced medical device.

Luna Robot | May 2011

SchultzeWORKS designstudios and RoboDynamics proudly announce Luna, the first commercially available personal telepresence robot with expansion ports for full customization.

Triple Flip Cell Phone | March 2011

SchultzeWORKS designstudios unveils the Triple Flip, the first concept cell phone design featuring Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, delivering seven new innovative features.

Rhino Training at | April 2010

Dave Schultze announces the worldwide release of Rhino 4.0 Essential Training, the first Rhinoceros software course for, the industry leader in online digital education.

Philco PC | December 2009

SchultzeWORKS designstudios of Pasadena, CA is proud to announce its top three placement in a recent design competition for their radical reinvention of the personal computer.

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