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Philco PC Coverage


Philco PC concept makes the 50s seem less lame

Wow, just wow. This retro Philco PC concept has us basking in a stew of our own biological lust.


I Would Buy the Philco PC Right This Second

The iMac? That would be sent back in a heartbeat for this glorious homage to the 50s.

A PC Rooted in the ’50s

Sometimes a design catches your eye. Some designs catch your eye, and a whole lot more.


Steampunk PC, Oh So Retro!

Indulge in it for the aesthetic value … we’re here for the love of design, [so] specs can take a hike for the moment!

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Philco PC is part typewriter, part ’50s TV

…dreamed up a deliciously retro desktop PC that looks like it came from the set of midcentury sci-fi classic “Forbidden Planet.”

TV-Inspired Desktops: The SchultzeWORKS Philco PC Looks Like a Modern Antique

…some of the most fascinating designs today take inspiration from the past.

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