Air There Chair


Inspired by aircraft and airframes, the AirThere Chair is designed to make small spaces look bigger with its ”ground effects” view through and under the seat. Side panels can can be added to both customize the look and provide storage space inside.

Low cost

Without side panels or armrests, the base model is extremely affordable with only a few parts.  Small rooms look bigger when you can see under and through the furniture!


Small items can be easily stored inside. The side panels are hinged at the top & closed with magnetic catches. Top ledge is flat for display.


Two keys to furniture longevity are high quality materials and providing multiple ways to customize. The side panels can be made from new or recycled material. The work-surface / armrest can be installed on one, two, or no sides!


This design is available for licensing. Interested manufacturers are invited to contact SchultzeWORKS to discuss terms.

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