The Vessyl Cup: It Tells You What You’re Drinking. Why?

I thought this was a joke the first time I heard about it. First, the idea is that this cup will tell you whether you are drinking beer or juice. Second, it has some of the most meaningless marketing-speak I have read in a long time. Get this:

…craft an object that would possess a unique yet subtle presence on a tabletop. The spill-proof lid, non-stick interior, and durable build will allow you to be confident on the move.

For a very long time, I have been looking a cup that is unique ~ yet subtle. And, it will also help me with my lack of confidence when I move about. Thank you for addressing my very rare and obscure problems! Steven Colbert did a brilliant parody on it. Check out the video.

The final silliness is the cost. This techno-cup will run you only $199. Or, you can always read the label on your can or bottle and save your money.




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