Kinsa Smart Thermometer launched!

kinsa-605After over a year of design and development and too many prototypes to count, the Kinsa Smart Thermometer has officially lunched on indiegogo as a socially-funded venture. Designed by SchultzeWORKS, the Kinsa Smart Thermometer is a simple tool to track and stop the spread of disease. By leveraging the power, display, processing, and connectivity of your phone, the Kinsa not only tells you your temperature, but can also tell you what illnesses are going around, what you might have, and what you can do about it.

The funds that are generated by donors will be used to manufacture the product and scale up production. The campaign’s success will also be used to encourage physicians, health systems, and governments to adopt this approach to be healthier, together.

In addition to the industrial design and engineering coordination, we also created all of the 3D renderings and animations for the marketing efforts.

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