Imitation done poorly …

… and illegally, according to copyright law. We have recently been made aware that two separate individuals have made extremely lousy 3D models of our Philco PC design, the well-known and much-loved retro-inspired computer. I’m all for for people being inspired by the work of others, which was the obvious genesis for the project, but this is different for two reasons.

The two lousy copies from the lazy copycats

First, they are charging money for the 3D models! One copycat wants $30 and the second is asking $38. Definitely not cool. Secondly, did I mention the models are lousy? This project was a labor of love and every detail in our original design was thoroughly thought out and cleanly executed. The dudes who copied the intellectual property for fun and profit were apparently drunk and in a hurry. Sloppy execution, you lazy copycats!

The original Philco PC design by SchultzeWORKS designstudio

We are currently in communication with the website owners over at TurboSquid, who are taking this matter seriously. If you would like to see more  images of the Philco PC, you can visit the press release page or watch the video.


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