Most ambitious cell phone concept ever?

Editor Michael Hines, who is quite obviously a  fantastic judge of design quality, wrote the above headline in his April 4 2011 post on TrendHunter. If you’ve never visited TrendHunter, I recommend them highly. They are by far the the world’s largest, and most popular trend community, with 40,000,000 monthly views. Not too shabby.

The article by Michael Hines reads as follows:

SchultzeWORKS designstudio has created what may go down as the most ambitious cell phone concept ever in the form of the Triple Flip concept phone. The Triple Flip is designed to revolutionize the smartphone scene with its solar-powered battery, touch and slider keyboard and 21-button interface.

Apple fanboys and girls aren’t going to like this, but the Triple Flip concept phone was actually designed to be an improved version of the current Windows smartphone. This phone is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. All three pieces fold up and down to create great gaming views or a stand for the phone to rest on. The keyboard can be used via touchscreen to type short messages or slid out for typing longer ones. A solar battery comes standard and to top it all off, the phone can act as its own case. If you’re left dazed and amazed by all this information, I suggest watching the video to see a demo of the Triple Flip’s features.

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