25,000 YouTube views in one week

Check out the video now!Exactly one week after uploading to YouTube, the Triple Flip video has passed 25,000 views. To thank those who have watched our most recent conceptual design project, we’ve decided to mail out free slices of delicious cake. Unfortunately, as all viewers are completely anonymous, we now have a warehouse full of cake slices that will shortly spoil. While we decide what to do with several tons of cake, a TRIPLE-FLIP THANK YOU will have to suffice.

While digging around in the YouTube settings, some pretty detailed statistics were uncovered. We already mentioned that there are no names or addresses, but YouTube does have some pretty interesting demographics. This particular chart tells us that men have good taste in animated product videos and women would rather be doing almost anything else imaginable.

One Response to 25,000 YouTube views in one week

  1. Loren April 3, 2011 at 10:50 pm #

    I’ll be over to pick up my slice of cake in the morning…

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