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I had never heard of The Next Web before today, but how can you argue with this kind of high quality reporting? They had me at the attention-grabbing headline “The Triple Flip WP7  concept is the best phone idea ever.”

Before you assume I love flattery, which I do, I must also point out that the vast majority of blogs that ran the story either copied-and-pasted my press release word-for-word, or someone else’s copy. News flash : there’s a lot of recycled content on the web, and I look forward to reading this sentence on a link farm in Peru.

And now, back to some flattering and recycled text from an internet blog:

The current crop of Windows Phone 7 handsets are capable, but a bit dull. There is no ‘hit’ WP7 phone that stands out, as the entire hardware lineup toes the minimum specifications line that Microsoft drew in the sand.

The Windows Phone 7 ecosystem could truly use a ‘halo’ handset, a phone that is so neat, so innovative, that it casts a positive light onto the rest of the mobile line. P

Happily, today, the SchultzeWORKS designstudio have put their heads together and designed what could be a future WP7 phone that is so excellent, that if Microsoft does not jump on it we shall be saddened indeed.

Out of the 7 (natch) elements of the phone, the form factor itself was the biggest hit for us. The way that the phone’s design opens up such a wide variety of options and input methods is excellent.

Problems? This phone would be expensive. And it doesn’t exist anywhere but in the video. But if this phone was ever made, it would certainly put WP7 on the map as a phone line that is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with technology.

Alex Wilhelm, thanks for the sweet, sweet post. You are one of the reasons I spent a few hundred hours on this crazy phone design.

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