Philco PC Media Coverage. Wow.

407-philco-PCThe Philco PC press release [here] went out two weeks ago, and not only was the media coverage amazing, but it still continues. The press release was initially sent to a handful of my favorite design and gadget blogs, but those blogs were so heavily trafficked and syndicated that the coverage then spread to hundreds of other websites, blogs, and media outlets. A google search for “philco pc” returned initial results of 10,000 hits, which then climbed to to 50,000, then to 100,000 … and is closing in on 400,000.

Here are some of the big ones:

The most detailed and thoroughly researched coverage:

And a nice video from Cali Lewis (story #2)

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One Response to Philco PC Media Coverage. Wow.

  1. Neil Russell February 3, 2010 at 10:03 am #

    Nice to see that almost 60 years later these clean and futuristic lines still inspire awe and admiration.

    This could become a great PC kit design as long as a monitor could be adapted to fit it, could be a good platform for a light weight OLED.

    Now if the car companies will just take note of this sleek sort of design…..mmmmmm, fins!

    Beautiful work, it made my day to run across this

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