Philco PC Gets Local with the Coverage.

On Tuesday, I was interviewed by All Things Considered Host Alex Cohen for a feature they called “Computer of the Future.” The interview was held at the KPCC studios on the Pasadena City College campus. Alex was a total pro and the interview went more like a friendly conversation than an interview.

In fact, I found out Alex owned a Philco Predicta TV, so that’s why she was intrigued by the project. Southern California Public Radio has posted a summary of the interview on their website with a very cool introduction; “Pasadena-based designer Dave Schultze thought PC’s were boring beige boxes, desperately in need of a design make-over. And so, he decided to create a personal computer of his own.”

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One Response to Philco PC Gets Local with the Coverage.

  1. Mikko Meronen December 31, 2009 at 5:22 pm #

    I am hereby christening you as “America’s Alessi”. This latest design belongs not only in a museum (like MoMA), but in the home of everyone who appreciates great design. As a Mac user, I would like an option for Apple as well!

    Mikko Meronen

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