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SchultzeWORKS designstudio ( of Pasadena, CA is proud to unveil the “Triple Flip”, the first concept cell phone design featuring Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. The new mobile operating system has been exceptionally well-reviewed by industry, as it joins the fray to do battle with the two other established players, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

The research for the “Triple Flip” was driven by the notion that the static smart-phone-with-touch-screen may be reaching the limit of their usefulness. Lead designer Dave Schultze explains, “We looked at the areas where smart phones were falling short and then delivered seven innovations to make them truly better. We had a few more, but seven was a good place to stop.”

The SchultzeWORKS designstudio has released other pure design research projects, most notably the ‘Philco PC,’ a retro-inspired computer which received worldwide attention in 2009 and was published in over 25 magazines. For the Triple Flip project, the work focused on a complete re-thinking of all the ways cell phones currently operate. The final design result is a fresh new take on all aspects of the user experience, from mobile video to gaming to solar re-charging — and quite a bit more.

The group of innovative features that resulted proved dynamic enough to require a ‘high-techno’ 3D animation in order to capture the intensely kinetic nature of the styling. This video is now available online at vimeo or youtube for viewing by industry and innovation geeks everywhere.


SchultzeWORKS designstudio was founded by Dave Schultze in 1997. Since then, the firm has designed goods in the categories of consumer electronics, housewares, furniture, and lighting. Schultze has a degree in Architecture, an Architect’s License, and a Masters of Industrial Design from the prestigious ArtCenter College of Art + Design in Pasadena, CA. Dave maintains his commitment to education by being a author and by teaching a weekly class in 3D Visualization at OTIS College of Art + Design in Los Angeles, CA.


Musical soundtrack for the video was provided by British techno genius Lusky. His album Global Variable is available for onlineĀ  preview and purchase.
Inspiration, education, and journalistic excellence provided by Paul Thurrott in his podcast Windows Weekly with Leo LaPorte. Also check out Paul’s Windows Phone 7 blog and book.


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